The Certification sustainable event

Developed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

For all the event organizers and organizations who with their events, fairs or conferences want to be involved and make a difference!

We ensure that all those who choose the Sustainable Events certification receive inspiration and knowledge to make a difference, genuine support for you to dare to set the requirements required to accelerate the transition, and with professional knowledge give you the support needed to act yet more sustainable! If you do not reach the requirements, you have been given every opportunity to complete the process in the future. The events that reach the lowest level in the industry may be called a certified sustainable event.

This is how it works

To achieve the certification, an event must achieve a number of sustainability requirements in the certification's associated certification tool and be audited by an independent auditor. In the certification tool, 30 questions are marked (0) that are mandatory to achieve in order to receive the certification. In addition, the event must achieve at least 50% of the points that can be picked in the tool. When the organizer feels satisfied with his answers, an external auditor is involved who reviews the answers in the planning tool. If the auditor approves the answers, the organizer has the right to communicate that the event is a certified Sustainable Event. Site control is carried out during the event and then the organizer receives a protocol with observations and suggestions for improvement.

Sponsors, organizers and other actors must be able to use the certification as an incentive or requirement to be able to together create as sustainable an event as possible

Why certify an event?

  • Be part of the change of qualitative sustainable events.
  • Inspire and show the difference for participants and actors in the event industry on what IS a sustainable event compared to those who only say that they worked sustainably.
  • Assure you, your suppliers and partners and sponsors that together you want to make a difference.
  • The process ensures that you as the organizer get a clear structure in how you from start to finish plan your event as sustainably as possible.
  • The questions in the certification tool give you inspiration for improvements to the event
  • Meet the increased demands from customers - the certification promotes the relationship with the sponsors and partners who value sustainability work.
  • Certification is also a foundation in constantly improving.

The steps to a certification

Order documentation is sent to Greentime. The organizer states the name, location and date of the event, the responsible organizer of the tool and those who will be able to use the tool with different authorization levels. In this step, consent is given by the right holder that the organizer has the right to plan in the tool.

Registration. Greentime registers users in the tool and creates an active event. In this situation, Greentime reserves an auditor for the event.

Start-up meeting with the following content:
- Review of tool functions
- Checking access to the tool and that users have the correct permissions
- Creation of a schedule where we book reconciliation meetings and evaluation
- Development of focus areas and goals for the event.

Reconciliation meetings by phone / web takes place (if more are desired, there is an opportunity) to ensure sustainability work. Activities and goals are followed up.

Auditor is involved, if the responsible organizer chooses to go towards certification

The event takes place. Site inspection is performed by an auditor who compiles a protocol with suggestions for improvement and observations

Evaluation together with Greentime where we set new goals for the next event


The criteria are based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, but are based on an overall experience based on what is relevant and feasible for players in the industry. A reference group consisting of various actors in the Swedish event industry has been involved in the development of the criteria.

The criteria have been sent for consultation to additional players in the hospitality industry for anchoring. The basic structure of the issues has been developed by Greentime after many years of work in the industry with, among other things, event companies, the event organizer and meeting places.

The criteria concern the following aspects:

  • Equality
  • Availability
  • Diversity
  • Health
  • Local imprint
  • Safety and security
  • Transparency
  • Lead & plan
  • Collaborate
  • Sound economy
  • Working environment
  • Communicate
  • Transport
  • Food & drinks
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Chemicals
  • Goods & services
  • Accommodation

Reference group participants

  • Joakim Brodahl, Håll Sverige Rent
  • Niklas Söderberg, Sponsrings & Event Sverige
  • Aida Winnerström, Landskrona Stad
  • Petra Löfås, Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
  • Emmelie Larsson, LiveGreen
  • Sofie Broomé, Tourism in Skåne
  • Christian Boysen, Våga
  • Lotta Boman, Sigtunahöjden
  • Peter Reelfs, Northflash
  • Jan Peter Bergkvist, Sleepwell
  • Maud Wirén, By Maud Wirén
  • Malin Roux Johansson, Realstars

When can the logo be used?

The certification is issued when the external auditor has reviewed your answers and considers that you meet the requirements developed by the industry. This is done via the planning tool. Our certification, like other labels / diplomas and certifications for events, is based on criteria how the organizer plans for the event - and the external audit is also based on how it is planned.

Then, for example, there must be a certificate that the electricity is eco-labeled, that there is a sustainability policy, that there is safety equipment, first aid, etc. Then there is always a check for our certification during the event itself and then the certificate can be withdrawn if the organizer does not follow it.

The reason why certifications and markings are done in this way is because the organizer himself wants to show his work to visitors, partners and sponsors before the event. This means that sustainability work gains momentum and that the message that others can contribute has an impact. Sometimes it can also be nice to have something to refer to when the organizer is to make demands on, for example, exhibitors.


Greentime requires auditors to have expertise in sustainability and experience in the event industry. Read more about our auditors here.


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Karl Philip Barakate

Region Skåne, regional development

“We worked in the planning tool Sustainable Event to reach the certification and it was very inspiring and educational and became an extensive checklist where we several times needed to think about and re-plan the work to meet the criteria. The tool helped us to continuously develop the planning with a focus on all dimensions of sustainability where the auditor's role was very valuable as a sounding board. It feels important and fun to have achieved this and we are proud that we have been awarded the certification "Sustainable event"

Lisa Nauclér, Event coordinator

Lerum municipality

“Thank you for a flexible tool that makes it easy to do the right thing! So many good reflections and ideas that came up during the journey. It is not easy but we are one step closer to becoming more sustainable as a festival. Looking forward to next year and new challenges in sustainability certification. Thank you also for good pepper and coaching ”