The Sustainable Event certification

Developed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

We want to reach out to all the event organizers and organizations who with their events, fairs or conferences want to be involved and make a difference!

We ensure that all those who choose the Sustainable Event Certification receive inspiration, knowledge and targeted support to identify and implement the changes required to act more sustainably and accelerate the transition.
The events that meet the requirements of the industry may be called one Certified Sustainable Event.

The certification process

To reach the Sustainable Event Certification the organizer must achieve a number of sustainability requirements in the planning tool. Greentimes sustainability advisors are involved throughout the process to support, challenge and give advice. When the organizer has finished working on the questions in the planning tool, an independent auditor gets connected to the event and review your answers. If the 38 mandatory requirements and at least 60% of the total 148 points in the tool are achieved, the organizer get access to the certification logo Certified Sustainable Event. A site inspection is carried out during the event. Then the organizer receives a protocol with observations and suggestions for improvement. 

Good reasons to certify an event

  • The opportunity to influence and be a part of the transition to more qualitative sustainable events and, by extension, a more sustainable world.
  • The certification process contributes to a systematic improvement work that can last for several years.
  • The opportunity to take the lead and illuminate to stakeholders and organizers in the event industry what it means to work in a structured way with sustainability at events.
  • Ensure that you, your suppliers, partners and sponsors work together towards the same goal.
  • Meet the increased requirements - the certification foster the relationship with the sponsors and partners who value a structured sustainability work.

Our criterias

The criterias has a strong connection to the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, but are also based on an overall experience on what is relevant and feasible for organizers in the industry. A reference group consisting of various actors in the Swedish sustainability and events industry has been involved in the development of the criterias.

The criterias have been sent for consultation to additional players in the hospitality industry for anchoring. The basic structure of the issues has been developed by Greentime after many years of work in the industry with, among other things, event companies, the event organizer and meeting places.

The criterias involve the following aspects:

  • Lead & plan
  • Collaborate
  • Sound economy
  • Working environment
  • Communicate
  • Equality
  • Availability
  • Diversity
  • Safety & security
  • Transparency
  • Health
  • Local imprint
  • Transport
  • Food & drinks
  • Goods & services
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Accommodation
  • Chemicals

Members of the reference group

  • Joakim Brodahl, Operation Manager, Håll Sverige Rent
  • Malin Ekman, Operations Manager, Sponsrings & Event Sverige
  • Aida Winnerström Training leader Event coordinator
  • Jens Nexberg, Safety coordinator Halmstad municipality
  • Sofie Broomé, Tourism in Skåne
  • Anna Pesula, Head of Sustainablility, PS Occasion
  • Peter Reelfs, CEO, Northflash
  • Jan Peter Bergkvist, Sleepwell
  • Maud Wirén, CEO, By Maud Wirén
  • Malin Roux Johansson, Secretary General, Realstars

When can the logo be used?

The Sustainable Event certification issued when the external auditor has reviewed your answers in the planning tool and assesses that you meet the requirements developed by the industry. The certification, like other labels, diplomas and certifications for events, is based on criteria for how the organizer plans for the event. The external audit is then based on how the planning is implemented. The reason why certifications and markings use this approach is to give organizers and rights holders the opportunity to show their ambitions to visitors, partners and sponsors before the event. This means that sustainability work is communicated and strengthened, which leads to a clearer message about what the event's stakeholders can contribute with. Sometimes it can also be nice to have something to refer to when the organizer wants to make demands on, for example, suppliers.


Greentime requires auditors to have expertise in sustainability and experience in the event industry. Read more about our auditors here.


Karl Philip Barakate

Region Skåne, Regional Development

“We worked in the planning tool Sustainable Event to reach the certification and it was very inspiring and educational and became an extensive checklist where we several times needed to think about and re-plan the work to meet the criteria. The tool helped us to continuously develop the planning with a focus on all dimensions of sustainability where the auditor's role was very valuable as a sounding board. It feels important and fun to have achieved this and we are proud that we have been awarded the certification "Sustainable event"

Lisa Nauclér, Event Coordinator

Lerum Municipality

“Thank you for a flexible tool that makes it easy to do the right thing! So many good reflections and ideas that came up during the journey. It is not easy but we are one step closer to becoming more sustainable as a festival. Looking forward to next year and new challenges in sustainability certification. Thank you also for good pepper and coaching ”

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