The Sustainable Event certification

Developed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

We want to reach out to all the event organizers and organizations who with their events, fairs or conferences want to be involved and make a difference!

We ensure that all those who choose the Sustainable Event certification receive inspiration, knowledge and targeted support to identify and implement the changes required to act more sustainably and speed up the transition.
The events that meet the requirements of the industry may be called one Certified Sustainable Event.

Greentime's standard for sustainable events

To be approved as a certified Sustainable Event according to Greentime's standard, an event needs to meet a number of mandatory requirements found in Greentime's planning tool. The requirements constitute Greentime's standard and it is clearly documented in the tool what is required to achieve the mandatory requirements. The mandatory requirements are verifiable and the answers must be reviewed by an independent auditor for an event to be entitled to display the Certified Sustainable Event logo.

The content of the standard is based on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, but is based on collective experience based on what is relevant and feasible for actors in the industry. A reference group consisting of various actors within the Swedish sustainability and events industry has been involved in the development of the criteria. The criteria have been sent for referral to additional players in the hospitality industry for anchoring. The basic structure of the questions has been developed by Greentime after many years of work in the industry with, among other things, event companies, event organizers and meeting places. The reference group annually reviews the criteria for the standard to be up-to-date, where the participants must reflect a breadth of expertise within various aspects of sustainability.

Certifiering? Eller vad är det?

Certifieringen Hållbart Evenemang är en tredjepartscertifiering med oberoende revisorer som granskar en arrangörs arbete och validerar om arrangören har nått upp till kraven enligt standarden för ett specifikt evenemang. Det är Greentime som utbildar revisorer i enlighet med standarden där vi dessutom ställer krav på revisorer i både erfarenhet och kompetens i hållbarhetsfrågor.

I och med att Greentime tagit fram en egen standard är det däremot inte möjligt att säga att revisorerna är ackrediterade enligt Swedac, eftersom det inte finns en specifik internationell standard för ett enskilt evenemangs prestation i hållbarhetsfrågor, utan bara för organisationen bakom. Men självfallet är Certifieringen Hållbart Evenemang fortfarande en tredjepartscertifiering. Vi tror på att ge arrangörer det bästa möjliga för att agera hållbart och det innebär för oss en helhet med struktur (vårt planeringsverktyg), kompetensutveckling (utbildningar, nätverk) och stöd (uppstarter, avstämningar) i en samlad kompott. Oavsett om en arrangör vill gå vidare till certifiering eller inte. Greentime har inget incitament att forcera en arrangör till att certifiera ett evenemang – vår process är likadan.

Referensgruppens medlemmar 2023

  • Linnea Bergman & Sofie Radestad, Håll Sverige Rent
  • Karin Ryberg, Gröna bilister
  • Sara Wiggberg, jämställdhetsexpert
  • Jens Nexberg, säkerhetssamordnare
  • Sofie Broomé, Tourism in Skåne
  • Anna Pesula, hållbarhetsansvarig, PS Occasion
  • Jan Peter Bergkvist, Sleepwell
  • Maud Wirén, By Maud Wirén

The standard concerns the following aspects

  • Lead & plan
  • Collaborate
  • Sound economy
  • Working environment
  • Communicate
  • Equality
  • Availability
  • Diversity
  • Safety & security
  • Transparency
  • Health
  • Local imprint
  • Transport
  • Food & drinks
  • Goods & services
  • Waste
  • Energy
  • Accommodation
  • Chemicals


Greentime requires auditors to have competence in sustainability and experience in the events industry.

The auditors we hire have extensive experience of working professionally with sustainability issues but also extensive experience of the event industry. Thus, the auditors are well acquainted with the challenges you face. The requirements for becoming an auditor are at least one year of studies in the area of sustainability and experience of several different types of events in the industry.

To become an approved auditor and hold the rights to issue Greentime's certification, the auditor must have undergone auditing training at Greentime. Thereafter, the aspirant must practically participate in an audit with an already approved auditor before they are approved.

Read more about our auditors here.

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