Do you want to be part of the transition to a sustainable future?

We want to support and inspire event organizers to act as sustainably as possible.

What we offer

Greentime planning tool and The Sustainable Event certification
for event planners. In the tool you get structure, inspiration and motivation
in the sustainability work around your event.

The Sustainable Event certification is aimed at event organizers who want to illuminate that they have an effective and structured sustainability work. To achieve the certification, an independent auditor must review your sustainability work, both in the planning phase and during the implementation of the event. The certification process uses Greentime's event planning tool to provide you with support and structure.

In addition to ours planning tool and Sustainable Event Certification we also offer skills development for organizations within the event industry that want to develop the skills of their staff and be able to practically apply sustainability work when conducting events.

Greentime planning tool for events is based on the Sustainable Development Goals, which in its turn are based on the three dimensions of ecological, social and economic sustainability. We have broken down the large open area "sustainability" into clear concrete questions to make it as simple and clear as possible for you as an event organizer.

In the tool, you answer questions about how you will act from a sustainability perspective during the event. In the tool, you can read how other organizers have answered the questions, but there is also a wealth of relevant industry-specific information. Here you can also measure your footprint and follow your work, year after year.

In addition to the planning tool, you also get the opportunity to participate in network meetings where you can raise concerns together with others in a similar position. free participation in our skill-enhancing webinars (the Global Goals) and personal advice where we help you on the way to a sustainable event.


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