Competence in Sustainability


We offer everything from shorter inspirational lectures to longer in-depth training on the theme of sustainability, both physically and digitally. Length and appearance you decide, we compose based on your needs.

Examples of content:

  • How do we gain power in sustainability issues?
  • Value creation through the right communication
  • Good examples that inspire

Contact and you will receive feedback with a concrete quote. Feel free to describe the context of the lecture, what you want to get out of the lecture, the length of the lecture and when it will take place.

Competence in Sustainability

Strategic advice

Do you want someone to hold your hand? Sometimes it can be difficult to get started, gain strength or communicate sustainability issues. We have helped many companies and organizations to organize and get structure in their sustainability work. It can be about communicating sustainability, developing policies, action plans or goals. We are with you to the extent that you need, the important thing is that you move forward.


Greentime has conducted over 300 lectures and workshops on the theme of sustainability.
Below are some references from participants:

Victoria Jansson

Sponsorship & Event Sweden

“Super good job at the conference; easy and inspired and with a clear message about how you as an organization / company should work to achieve sustainability through your business. Thanks!"

Kristin Lundén

Munich Brewery

“Thank you Simon for an inspiring lecture and smart tips during our workshop. You have an ability to talk about sustainability in an entertaining and motivating way and we feel excited to create more sustainable events! ”

Björn Sundberg

Operations Manager Medeltidsveckan

“Simon is a fantastic lecturer who is really passionate about his subject and contributed a lot of knowledge packaged in an easy way! Inspiring!"

Jean-Michel Guerin

Training leader - Travel Education Centre

“It was really fun to have you with us these 2 days Simon! I and our students have accumulated lots of new knowledge and practical tools about different ways of thinking, living and working sustainably! We at TEC now have a better perspective on the issue! We are 90 new Sustainability Ambassadors! You are an inspiring and very interesting person to listen to and follow! ”

Per Bergström

Båstad University of Applied Sciences Academy

“I want to thank you sincerely for the lecture, really inspiring and very wise thoughts! ”

Completed assignments

Greentime has carried out many assignments in the field of sustainability since
2014, both large and small. Below are some completed assignments.

The Sustainable Visitor Industry Network

Business Management 2014-2019

The Swedish Sports Confederation

Defined sustainable sporting events


Analysis of the environmental work on trotting tracks.

The Swedish Olympic Committee, SOC

Contributed with input to make a possible Olympics in Sweden the most sustainable ever

Swedish Football Association

Analysis of sustainability work at arenas

Operate Eco Event

Responsible for the operation of Håll Sverige Rent environmental certification
Eco Event 2019 until the end of March 2020.

U23 European Championships in Athletics

Climate analysis of the event

Sigtuna height

Sustainability Manager

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