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A complete solution for sustainability at events

We want it to be easy to make sustainable choices when arranging an event

When we talk about sustainability, we start from a holistic perspective. Simply put: we only have one planet. We must nurture it. There are people on the planet who we must protect. Economy is the lubricant that makes it all spin. We therefore support the event industry to adjust to a sustainable future. Sustainability for us means that you take responsibility for the environment, people and the economy. Does it sound difficult and complex? We are happy to help you!


What we offer a digital planning tool, the Sustainable Event certification, and knowledge-raising initiatives in the form of workshops and seminars.

Together, these parts constitute a complete solution for our expertise linked to sustainability and events.


The tool

We have taken the large and complex topic of "sustainability" and broken it down into concrete questions that are easy to answer. These issues are based on, among other things, the UN's global goals and the Discrimination Act. The questions are answered online, and in this way you pick points. Our planning tool creates structure, provides an overview and simplifies both measures ahead and follow-up. All work is saved in the tool, which makes it easy to follow the work year after year.

The package solution with the tool also includes training in sustainability at events, webinars (both recorded and upcoming), as well as a large network of both small and large players who are out on the same journey as you. We are with you all the way!



To be able to certify your event, you need to have access to the tool, and thus answer questions, and thus pick points. A certification requires that you answer "yes" to the mandatory questions, and pick at least 60% of the score. When you feel ready, an external auditor is involved, who reviews the answers online. The organizers who meet the requirements are allowed to call themselves a Certified Sustainable Event. A site check is also performed, and a protocol is issued.

We always ensure that everyone who chooses to move towards certification receives inspiration, knowledge and targeted support to identify and implement the changes required to act more sustainably.

A selection of our customers

Since the start in 2015, we have helped both large and small event organizers and companies. In addition to the tool and the certification, we also offer skills-enhancing initiatives via, for example, workshops or seminars.

As a customer with us, you get sustainability expertise without pointers. You will be part of a large network where we together raise the level of knowledge, and share experiences. We also invite to lectures, network meetings and much more.

Sustainability tool for events

Curious about how the tool works?

In this video, our CEO Simon shows how the tool itself works. As simple as it is ingenious.

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