Support in the work with sustainability

Greentime offers support in various forms when you work towards the certification if you are in need of help along the way. We offer, among other things:

  • Workshops to focus on the right parts of the process
  • Lectures on sustainability for partners or officials.
  • Consultancy support in developing policies, action plans, goals or routines
  • Climate analyzes


An appreciated and common concept is to start your work with a training in sustainability at events.


Greentime holds everything from shorter inspirational lectures to longer in-depth training on the theme of sustainability at events. Length and appearance you decide, we compose based on your needs. Examples of content:

  • Trends and the world around us
  • How do we gain power in sustainability issues?
  • Value creation through the right communication
  • Good examples that inspire



Operations Manager Medeltidsveckan

“Simon is a fantastic lecturer who is really passionate about his subject and contributed a lot of knowledge packaged in an easy way! Inspiring!"


Training leader - Travel Education Centre

“It was really fun to have you with us these 2 days Simon! I and our students have accumulated lots of new knowledge and practical tools about different ways of thinking, living and working sustainably! We at TEC now have a better perspective on the issue! We are 90 new Sustainability Ambassadors! You are an inspiring and very interesting person to listen to and follow! ”


Lime AB

“It felt great to hear you talk about the environment and sustainability in such a natural and simple way. I really hope that it becomes completely obvious for everyone, both individuals and companies to think along these lines. Thank you so much! ”


Karlstad University

"Thanks! It was truly a rewarding day, which started a commitment and a feeling of wanting to change in many people! ”

Do you also want to get started?

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