Tool for events

A successful sustainability work

We want you to succeed in gaining structure and an overview of sustainability work. The tool Sustainable Events makes the complex sustainability work simple and structured.

A successful sustainability work

The tool is based on the Global Goals and covers social, environmental and economic aspects. We have broken down the large open area "sustainability" into clear concrete issues to make it as simple and clear as possible for you as an event organizer.

We believe that it is possible to create the greatest change if you receive relevant, selected information. Therefore, we have chosen to put a lot of energy into the design of each question, and have chosen to divide the right global goal and info close at hand for each question, all to make it easier for you.

The right information in the right place

Everything about sustainability at events is gathered here, forget eagerly googling for information or technical words. In the tool you get help and can see how others have responded. By answering questions in a finished structure, you will pick points and realize that the complex becomes simple.

The structure shows the way

The tool gives you an easy-to-maneuver structure with environmental, social and economic aspects. You get structure and the tool shows you the way, which means that you save both time and money and maintain the commitment.

Using the tool

The tool lays a foundation for you to succeed with sustainability work. One goal of the tools may be to achieve The Certification sustainable event.
It is in the tools you work to achieve a certification, if that is what you are aiming for.



Head of sustainablilty at Nordea Masters

“Deep diving into sustainability means big and important issues and then it is thankful that you can work with a tool that you understand and that you can easily get more information about each issue if you want to go deeper. With this tool, everything becomes much easier and more fun to do a good job in sustainability. ”


Kivik Apple Market

“As we are in a phase of change, which many are quickly forced into today, the tool is a great tool. The tool helps us to see the organization from an outside and in perspective and is very helpful in strengthening the areas we are weak in. I have experienced an easy-to-work, positive tool. Positive in the sense that I do not experience it negatively that we have shortcomings but see what we can get so much better at. The tool helps us to create an organization in time, no matter how complex our whole is perceived. ”


The harvest festival in Stadsparken in Lund

“I experience it as a simple tool where we get to think about relevant issues about the sustainability of our event while we collect points in a playful way. Good layout! It is valuable to be able to take part in how others respond and thus be able to see how they work to make their event more sustainable. It inspires! Proud to be a part of this and to do it together with others who want and believe in the same thing as us ”.

Do you also want to get started?

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