The tool

Planning tool for sustainability work

We want to help event organizers to get structure and an overview in their sustainability work. Our digital planning tool makes the complex sustainability work simple and structured, and simplifies both the follow-up and possible measures for the future. All work is saved in the tool, which makes it easy to follow the work over time.

As a customer with us, in addition to logging in to the tool, training in sustainability at events is also included. You get to take part in our webinar series on the Global Goals, both recorded and upcoming, and not least become part of a network of large and small event organizers who go through the same journey as you.

We at Greentime are involved and support you all the way!

What is it?

The tool is a digital platform, where we have gathered information, research, knowledge and experience in sustainability linked to events. Then we have translated it into questions, 148 more precisely.

How does it work?

You answer one question at a time, and thus pick points. The earlier in the planning process you start working on the tool, the greater the effect of your work. To help you, you have us, as well as a number of clever help functions that we have built into the platform to further facilitate the work.

We are with you all the way

To guide the user as smoothly as possible, we have Help and examples at each question. There you will find information, links and tips on how to tackle each challenge. Here is also a description of what needs to be explained in order for the answer to be approved in a certification process. With each question there is also the possibility to attach documents in different formats, for example policies. As a supporting function, we can give you feedback directly in the system below Reconciliations. Via Guest response can you forward questions to someone else in or outside your own organization, for example a supplier. If you still find it difficult to get ahead, you can always contact us for advice and tips. We are with you all the way!

Try the tool for free!

For seven days you can test the planning tool to feel what it is like to work in.

Do you work with events in a city, region or destination?

We offer a custom solution for organizers and other enablers who have several different types of events tied to a certain location or area. Then we can connect a so-called "overview account" and link the respective event + organizer to it. It provides an overview of the sustainability work in a certain geographical area, and makes it possible to compare a jazz festival with a labor market fair, or a running race with a food and drink festival. It simplifies both reporting and follow-up and highlights the areas in which you are strong, but also where you may need to switch up.

Progressing towards certification is voluntary.

Några ord från våra tidigare kunder


Head of sustainablilty at Nordea Masters

“Deep diving into sustainability means big and important issues and then it is thankful that you can work with a tool that you understand and that you can easily get more information about each issue if you want to go deeper. With this tool, everything becomes much easier and more fun to do a good job in sustainability. ”


Kivik Apple Market

“As we are in a phase of change, which many are quickly forced into today, the tool is a great tool. The tool helps us to see the organization from an outside and in perspective and is very helpful in strengthening the areas we are weak in. I have experienced an easy-to-work, positive tool. Positive in the sense that I do not experience it negatively that we have shortcomings but see what we can get so much better at. The tool helps us to create an organization in time, no matter how complex our whole is perceived. ”


The harvest festival in Stadsparken in Lund

“I experience it as a simple tool where we get to think about relevant issues about the sustainability of our event while we collect points in a playful way. Good layout! It is valuable to be able to take part in how others respond and thus be able to see how they work to make their event more sustainable. It inspires! Proud to be a part of this and to do it together with others who want and believe in the same thing as us ”.

JESSICA TILLY - Head of Sustainability


“Working with Greentime and their planning tools has given us knowledge about sustainability that we have never thought of before. It has challenged us to think sustainably in all aspects and also work with the sustainability aspects that are not obvious to think about in the first place. What we appreciate most is the humble service we received and the willingness to help us be as sustainable as we can be. We are super proud of our sustainability work in GADDEN and thank both Greentime and the auditor for the help we received along the way! ”

Not quite there yet?