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A complete solution for your sustianability work at events



We have taken the large and complex topic of "sustainability" and broken it down into concrete questions that are easy to answer. These issues are based on, among other things, the UN's global goals and the Discrimination Act. The questions are answered online, and in this way you pick points. Our planning tool creates structure, provides an overview and simplifies both measures ahead and follow-up. All work is saved in the tool, which makes it easy to follow the work year after year.

When you become a customer with us, a training in sustainability at events. You get take part in our webinar series on the Global Goals (both recorded and upcoming) and also become part of a network of large and small event organizers who are going through the same journey as you.



In order to certify your event, you need to have access to the tool, answer questions, and thus collect points. A certification requires that you can answer "Yes" to the 38 mandatory questions, and collect at least 60% of the points. When you feel finished with your work, submit for certification. An external auditor is then connected who reviews the answers online in the tool.
The organizers who meet the requirements are allowed to title themselves Certified Sustainable Event. An on-site inspection is also carried out, and a protocol is issued with suggestions for improvement.

We always ensure that everyone who chooses to go towards a certification receives inspiration, knowledge and support to identify and implement the changes required in the sustainability work.

Do you want to take the important step and work sustainably with your event?

Feel free to contact us via our interest form then we'll get in touch within short!

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Do you need a vitamin injection in your sustainability work? We offer inspiration in the form of workshops or lectures. On site or digitally, an hour or half / full day is up to you.

We adapt the content to your basic knowledge, conditions and needs! Contact us at info@greentime.se, we'll tell you more.



Do you need help analyzing your sustainability work, for example by reviewing your current situation and developing proposals for measures in the future?

We can help with both reporting, visualization and presentation. Contact us at info@greentime.se, we'll tell you more.


Maybe there is something completely different in terms of sustainability that you need help with. We who work here have several different top skills, and can help with most things that are linked to events and sustainability. Contact us at info@greentime.se, and we help to develop a tailor-made solution for your company or event.

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Do you work with events in a city, region or destination?

We offer a custom solution for organizers and other enablers who have several different types of events tied to a certain location or area. Then we can connect a so-called overview account and link the respective event+organizer there. It provides an overview of the sustainability work in a certain geographical area, and allows one to compare a jazz festival with a labor market fair, or a running race with a food and drink festival. It simplifies both reporting and follow-up, and highlights the areas in which you are strong, but also where you may need to switch up.

Progressing towards certification is voluntary.

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