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The certification sustainable event

Developed to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future

Certified events

Kretsloppet, Borås, 2 oktober 2021
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Skara Ostmässa, Skara, 1-3 oktober 2021
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Finnkampen, Stockholm, 4-5 sept 2021
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Trollhättan Action Week, Trollhättan, 28 aug 2021
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Fjällräven Classic, Fjällräven, Abisko, 13-15 augusti 2021
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Moment arbetsmarknadsmässa, KTH, Stockholm 30 januari 2020
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Kronans Peppotek, PS Occasion & Kronans Apotek, Solna, 31 januari-2 februari 2020
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Barnfestivalen, Lerums Kommun, Lerum, 8 september 2019
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Kunskapskalaset, Länsförsäkringar, Malmö, 13 oktober 2019
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Scandinavian Invitation, Mölndal, 22-25 augusti 2019
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

Skåne Innovation Day, Malmö, 23 maj 2019
(platskontroll genomförd – godkänt)

In certification process

  • Kontaktdagen 10 nov 2021
  • Gävlebockens invigning 28 dec 2021
  • Yrkes-SM 10 maj 2022
  • Gefle Metal Festival 2022
  • Stockholm Pride 2022
  • Jamboree 30 juli – 6 aug 2022
  • JSM Segling 2022
  • SM-veckan Piteå 23-29 mars 2022
  • O-ringen 2022
  • GADDEN 2022
  • Utnarm 2022
  • Kontaktdagen 2022
  • TEAM-dagarna 2022
  • Forsränningen 2022
  • VM i Handboll januari 2023


Karl Philip Barakate

Region Skåne, regional development

“We worked in the planning tool Sustainable Event to reach the certification and it was very inspiring and educational and became an extensive checklist where we several times needed to think about and re-plan the work to meet the criteria. The tool helped us to continuously develop the planning with a focus on all dimensions of sustainability where the auditor’s role was very valuable as a sounding board. It feels important and fun to have achieved this and we are proud that we have been awarded the certification ”Sustainable event”

Lisa Nauclér, Event coordinator

Lerum municipality

“Thank you for a flexible tool that makes it easy to do the right thing! So many good reflections and ideas that came up during the journey. It is not easy but we are one step closer to becoming more sustainable as a festival. Looking forward to next year and new challenges in sustainability certification. Thank you also for good pepper and coaching ”


We want sustainability to be simple and fun!

We want a sustainable future. To reach this we educate and help people with sustainability. We also run digital planning tools and certifications whose purpose is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. 

We have completed many assignments in the area of sustainability since 2014, including over 300 lectures on sustainability.

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