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Since the start in 2014, we have helped both large and small event organizers and companies. In addition to the tool and certification, we also offer skills-enhancing efforts via, for example, workshops or seminars. 

As a customer with us, you get sustainability expertise with a focus on events. You become part of a large network where together we raise the level of knowledge and share experiences. We also invite you to lectures, networking meetings and much more. 


Sustainability according to us

Because concepts such as "sustainability" and "sustainable development" can be perceived as very comprehensive and complex, definitions can be helpful. Greentime's definition start from the holistic perspective where the three dimensions of sustainability; ecological, social and economic, must be integrated and collaborate in order to achieve a sustainable society.


As the temperature rises on our planet, so do the demands from our decision-makers through climate goals, climate reports and laws. Visitors also expect more in the environmental issue. We must simply move away from our dependence on fossil fuels, stop using harmful chemicals, stop pushing away ecosystems and at the same time ensure that human needs are met. We of course listen to the research, and follow Johan Rockström's work with “The planet's sustainable boundaries



The social aspect of sustainability has several different angles. It is partly about basic human rights, for example the right to be able to participate in an event without being discriminated against. It can also mean choosing local suppliers, labor or volunteers for your event. Make your event something that the locals can feel joy and pride in, you get the great marketing for free.

Organization and economic

Economic sustainability is a structure created by man and therefore has a greater scope for interpretation. We have chosen to focus on the economy as a tool for achieving environmental and social sustainability. A circular approach by minimizing purchasing, recycling and renting and borrowing materials saves both money and is better for the environment. Making choices that combat corruption and unsustainable working conditions strengthens social sustainability globally.




Greentime is founded


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Corona affects the world. Sustainable Film sees the light of day


Greentime växlar upp, får första internationella kunder

The Greentime staff


Simon Strandvik

CEO and founder

Agronomist, MSc Environmental Science

Simon har arbetat med hållbarhetsfrågor inom besöksnäringen sedan 2010 och var bland annat med och tog fram Miljömärkt Event under sin tid på Håll Sverige Rent. Han har hållit 500+ föreläsningar och workshops (för bland annat Sveriges Olympiska Kommitté, Handbolls-VM och Gothia Cup), och har granskat miljöarbetet hos över 100+ evenemang runt om i Sverige. Han är hållbarhetsexpert för Svenska Mötens medlemmar (över 130 anläggningar), och har flera tidigare uppdrag som styrelsemedlem och ledningsgruppsrepresentant.

Mobile: 0703-591 957
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Ronny bild hemsida

Ronny Fritsche

Responsible sustainable film

Ronny is a producer and sustainability expert in the film and TV industry. Today, he helps many different actors who operate in the film industry, such as financiers and production companies with sustainability. Ronny is the Swedish representative for the Nordic Eco Media Alliance (NEMA), a pan-Nordic group that works to encourage and promote sustainable development in the Nordics.

Mobile: 0708-394828
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Sofia 3

Sofia Gyllenswärd

Sustainability Advisor

Sofia Gyllenswärd har de senaste 15 åren arbetat som förändringsledare, organisationskonsult och hållbarhetsansvarig inom evenemangsbranschen. Hon har bland annat varit hållbarhetsansvarig för O-ringen och för Fjällräven Classic.

Mobile: 079-334 02 78
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OHLSON_OLA_Face_small (002)

Ola Ohlson

Sustainability Advisor

Ola has worked with sustainable meetings and travel within travel agencies and at companies (including IKEA) for many years. Ola today helps organizations and companies to work more sustainably based on environmental, social, financial and organizational aspects. Ola is certified in sustainable tourism through GSTC (Global Sustainability Tourism Council)

Mobile: 072- 3528276
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Branschvinnare Transparant

Industry winner 2022

Every year, Branschvinnare i Sverige AB, in collaboration with Largest companies, appoints the companies that receive the award of Branschvinnare based on the previous year's financial statements. An Industry Winner is a company that has surpassed its own industry's development in both turnover and results. The company must also show a positive result. The average is calculated once a year and is based on all companies within the industry in question. On average, only 15 % of Sweden's limited companies are awarded the award. The industry division is based on the companies' SNI code*.

* SNI stands for Swedish Industry Classification and is based on the EU's standard, NACE Rev.2 An industry winner is a company that has surpassed its own industry's development in both turnover and results.

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