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We want sustainability to be simple and fun!

We want a sustainable future. To reach this we educate and help people with sustainability. We also run digital planning tools and certifications whose purpose is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. 

We have completed many assignments in the area of sustainability since 2014, including over 300 lectures on sustainability.

Our view of sustainability

To achieve the Global Goals, we must do more and not just stare blindly at the environmental goals, because everything is connected; the environment, humans and of course the economy. We see sustainability from the three dimensions of environmental, social and economic sustainability and lean towards the sustainability principles of the Natural Step, which clearly give a picture of when we actually achieve sustainability. Then there are goals, such as climate goals, national environmental goals, etc., which we can aim to get ahead in action.

Our tools give you as a user an overview of sustainability work and motivate you to act. At the same time, the tools give you a basic understanding of what sustainability means in practice, and we have placed great emphasis on producing relevant, selected information that suits the user.

We do not believe that it is about everyone being the best, but that everyone can do their best! It's not just a road that always points upwards. What if life is not worse than a bumpy dirt road… It's about what you do with the knowledge you have today.

If you want to see our completed assignments and references, you will find these here.

Important Global Goals for us

We assume that the Global Goals are indivisible and coherent, however we assume that the Global Goals are indivisible and coherent, however:

Quality education
We see knowledge and skills in sustainable development as the key to change. We contribute toensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights and gender equality.


Responsible consumption and production
We want to increase the public's knowledge about sustainable lifestyles. We help to ensure by 2030 that people everywhere have the information and awareness needed for sustainable development and lifestyles in harmony with nature.



Climate action
We believe that the climate issue is the most important and overarching issue in sustainability work. We contribute to improving education and awareness in terms of limiting climate change, climate adaptation, limiting the consequences of climate change and early warning.

Our sustainability policy

Feel free to take part of our sustainability policy, maybe it can give you inspiration?

Årets miljöpris

2019 vann Greentime årets miljöpris som delas ut av EMC Sverige. 

Motivering: ”Greentime kännetecknas av ett mycket stort engagemang
och har med ett unikt verktyg nått ut till nära 500 aktörer inom
evenemangsbranschen. Verktyget Hållbart Evenemang, som inkluderar och konkretiserar Agenda 2030, får aktörerna att tycka det är enkelt och lärorikt att jobba med hållbarhetsfrågor.”

The structure shows the way

The tool gives you an easy-to-maneuver structure with environmental, social and economic aspects. You get structure and the tool shows you the way, which means that you save both time and money and maintain the commitment.

We at Greentime

Simon Strandvik


Agronomist, MSc Environmental Science
+46340 – 144 00
Direct +46703591957

Simon Strandvik has worked with sustainability issues in the hospitality industry since 2010 and has reviewed the environmental work at over 100 events. Simon has given numerous lectures, workshops, made major analyzes and laid the foundation for the sustainability work for event companies, conference facilities, hotels and all types of events and meetings. 

Simon has been a board member and management team representative for many different organizations where he strengthened the group with sustainability expertise.

Emma Plantin

Sustainability advisor

BSc Environmental Science
0340 -14400
Direct +46701496930

Emma Plantin is a trained environmental scientist from Malmö University. She has previously been active in the concert industry for just over 10 years and has mainly worked for a long time at Kulturbolaget in Malmö (KB). There she has been involved in everything from arena productions and major festivals to smaller club events and had an overall environmental responsibility.

Emma works as a sustainability advisor to help actors get structure in their sustainability work.
Emma is responsible for the Sustainable Events certification.


Ola Ohlson

Sustainability advisor
+46340 – 144 00

Ola has worked with sustainable meetings and travel within travel agencies and companies (including IKEA) for many years. Today, Ola helps organizations and companies to work more sustainably based on environmental, social, economic and organizational aspects. Ola is certified in sustainable tourism through GSTC (Global Sustainability Tourism Council).

Jennie Blank

Sustainability coordinator

MSc Folkhälsovetenskap
+46340 – 144 00

Jennie Blank has a degree in public health science from the University of Gothenburg, and has also studied web programming at Linnaeus University. She has previously worked with research and development in various ways in both public and private activities, mainly with a focus on health care.

På Greentime bidrar Jennie med kunskap inom social hållbarhet, samt i arbetet med interna processer och rutiner.

Ronny Fritsche

Responsible sustainable film
+46340 – 144 00
Direct +46723528276

Ronny has worked in the film industry for many years and has produced many films. In addition, he also has a burning interest in sustainability issues and has given lectures and workshops, conducted studies on sustainability in the film industry. Ronny is responsible for Greentime's planning tool for film - sustainable film.

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